I normally practise yoga in the mornings, followed by meditation, usually silent sitting or sometimes a relaxing savasana or yoga nidra. I set myself a daily sankalp for the practice. Sankalp is sanskrit for translates to “resolve” or “intention”. For me, this routine resets my mind and my body. I feel it balances my energy, I feel motivated and fresh to start my day.

I find my meditation to be as equally important as my asanas (poses). My mind and my mental health are like my physical health and need to be nourished and cared for.  Meditation creates stillness in my mind, reduces worry and creates space for the important things. A dear friend from India taught me that worrying is a waste of my energy and time, as no matter how much I worry about something, that matter will still be there so what does all the worrying achieve? Absolutely nothing, alas it is unnecessary.  I focus on the things in life that make me feel good and if there are small issues, I do not dwell on them just sort them out one by one.

Since I have started my daily yoga and meditation routine I have noticed I am less talkative, more observant and in general very content with day to day life. I appreciate the little things more such as spending time with my baby niece, enjoying chocolate or watching willy wag tails bob up and down.

I would recommend guided relaxation (such as visualisation or yoga nidra) for those who are not accustomed to regular meditation. This is how I eased into regular meditation and I know other yogis likewise. These techniques improve blood pressure, heart rate variables and lower glucose blood levels (Hill, 2017). From personal experience, I feel meditation balanced with yoga allows me to lead a carefree life where I look after my body & mind. I feel emotionally and spiritually nourished and I can give my quality time to my loved ones.