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Are you thinking about taking on yoga or meditation? Read some of previous and current Viraam & Relax attendees’ experiences and thoughts.

A nourishing opportunity to bond with your baby while releasing tension in your muscles and getting fresh air. The class is very relaxed and no pressure – you tend to your baby as needed. You incorporate your baby into gentle moves and postures. A really enjoyable session!

Lauren (mum) & Paige (bub)


After practicing yoga for many years, I was pleasantly surprised at how calming and restorative Yoga Nidra is. I instantly felt the benefit of it, and have a profound appreciation for my yogi Anna who was able to guide me to a place of calm I was in desperate need of. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time!

Kudos and thanks to Viraam and Relax.



I attended one of Anna’s yoga and meditation classes in New Farm park. What a perfect way to re-group and prepare body, mind, and soul for the week on a Sunday afternoon. I felt relaxed, and enjoyed Anna’s guidance throughout the session. Being outdoors helped me relax even more and connect with nature.

David Jones


I felt at zen with Viraam & Relax’s yoga session. It catered for everyone’s abilities and allowed me to work on some strengthening poses but also have options for my tighter hip flexors. I found the time whizzed by and by the end of Savasana I was left feeling relaxed and ready to face the world. Thanks Anna @ Viraam & Relax.


Wavell Heights

I loved Anna’s class as she is fun and really kind. She helped me move into the right position so my body felt good! It made me want to keep smiling all day! And I really liked the head massage. Thank you Anna!


Mt Ommaney

I am truly grateful and honoured to have learned yoga from your good self. It didn’t only increase my flexibility but poured great confidence into my body. You taught me the new dimension toward the healthy life. I would love to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you keep changing the lives of many people your way.


Surat, India

I enjoyed practising yoga outdoors in the fresh air in new farm park. It felt great to concentrate on my breathing as it really slow down my mind after a busy working week. I had never practised yoga nidra before & I can’t wait to try again as I didn’t know I could relax that many parts of my body!



I have had the pleasure of attending Anna’s yoga sessions in the park and can honestly say it was one of the most relaxing classes I have ever taken! Her calm and clear approach instantly puts you at ease and enables you to work within yourself feeling the flow of energy through the yoga moves. I especially loved the guided meditation at the end of the session. Thank you Anna and I look forward to more classes in the future.


Mt Ommaney

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