Online classes available

Viraam & Relax offers various yoga and mediation classes for groups and individuals, including prenatal, kids and corporate classes.

Mobile yoga, meditation and relaxation classes

A qualified and experienced yoga teacher will come to you. All classes can be taught to individuals or groups, except for chakra healing and balancing which is for individuals only. Most services are offered from 30 minutes and up to 75 minutes.

Viraam & Relax offers the following yoga and meditation classes for individuals and groups with the exception of Sound Bowl Healing and Chakra Balancing available for one-on-one sessions only:

Yoga & Meditation Styles

This is 60-minute class combines 30 minutes of Yin Yoga and 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra, beginning with this gentle and deep yoga flow first, allows your body to stretch and warm-up, focusing on the connective tissues. After this series of gentle poses, relax into savasana and prepare for Yoga Nidra, a deep body and mind relaxation or “yogic sleep”.

This balance between gentle exercise and relaxation allows your physical body to rejuvenate and calm your mind, great for anyone who seeking a balance of relaxing yoga and guided meditation. It helps with flexibility, unwinding, stress relief, and better sleep. This class can be customized to altered to adjust the duration.

Pause & Relax is great for Corporate and Private Yoga & Relaxation classes.


Brisbane Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is a guided meditation practice. There is no movement involved in Yoga Nidra, it is practised lying down (in savasana). This practice calms the nervous system, reduces worry/stress, and relieves anxiety. It improves the quality of sleep and the ease of falling asleep, it can be helpful for those who have insomnia.

The class goes for 45 minutes and is the is equivalent to 2-4 hours of sleep as the brain produces theta brain waves. To have a deeper practice, you are welcome to cover your eyes with an eye mask/pillow or clothing.


This practice combines Yin yoga and vinyasa yoga. Yin Yoga poses are typically held for longer periods, accessing deeper layers of fascia or connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. This helps increases blood circulation, improves flexibility, and lowers anxiety or stress. Vinyasa meaning “flow” is great for connecting the body, mind & breath. Typically, vinyasa is practiced with one movement with one breath. These styles together create a balance and help improve the energy or “prana” flow within the body, mind, and spirit. 

Sound Bowl Healing & Chakra Balancing is only available for one-on-one bookings, sessions run for 60 minutes and include a pre and post consultation and briefing. the vibroacoustic sound therapy of the singing bowls improves pain management, increases circulation and blood flow, and reduces stress This healing is helpful for anyone experiencing health, family, work, personal, or relationship difficulties and can be practiced any time of the day in a quiet space indoors or outdoors. It is practised lying down on a yoga mat, towel or comfortable carpet.

Tibetan Singing Bowls create vibroacoustic sounds used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They invite the brain to switch to theta brainwave frequencies that heighten intuition, clarity of mind, as well as deep meditative and peaceful states. This reiki-like technique removes negative energy and restores positive energy, clearing blocks, and interferences from the biofield and replenishes.  

This meditative practice focuses on healing our body’s energy centers, known as “chakras”, from Sanskrit, this translates to “wheel” or “disk”. There are seven chakras running along the spine, through the neck to the crown of the head. These energy points contain “prana” or the ultimate pure healing energy, that exists all around and within us, to keep us healthy, happy and vibrant. 

Yoga for Specific Groups

These classes are great for beginners, for those looking to go more in-depth with their practice, for gaining more confidence, nursing an injury, or any pre-existing health conditions. 

Recommended for those:

  •     Seeking a deeper understanding of yoga
  •     Requiring support for health concerns
  •     Starting personal practice
  •     Seeking a more personalised approach
  •     Returning to a class after an absence
  •     Discovering that group classes are not suitable
  •     Finding difficulty in attending a yoga class

Private sessions are ideal for those seeking a tailored approach. Classes can be one-on-one, couples, or small groups with a maximum of 4 people. Feel free to contact me if you would like to customise your own class or you’re unsure what class best suits you.

Yoga teaches calming techniques and enhances self-awareness. The poses encourage healthy posture, help strengthen muscles and develop coordination. The classes vary depending on age.  Since yoga is not competitive and is suitable for all, it promotes equality, while providing social interactions and opportunities to make new friends.

Tween Yoga Ages 8-12

These classes are normally 45 minutes although can be one hour. This yoga style incorporates self-awareness techniques such as setting a resolve or ‘Sankalpa’ at the start of the class. At this impressionable age, children can learn to recognise their feelings and why they feel this way, this class helps with getting to know their own bodies in aid of self-awareness. In tween yoga, the importance of one’s own ‘practice space’ is explained, encouraging children to create their personal space as well as respecting others.

Breathing & relaxation techniques help balance energy levels and create calmness, with a focus on poses that tone, flexibility, mobility & strengthen the body to support joints.

Teen Yoga Ages 13-17

These sessions run for 45 to 60 minutes and are more dynamic than other age groups. Twisting poses promote good posture & a healthy spine, balance poses promote concentration, fun, and self-awareness. This class is designed to help improve alignment, coordination & balance, relaxes and calms the nervous system which helps with stress and anxiety reduction.  

Group or community yoga is a great and affordable way to unwind and stretch out. Choose from either a specific yoga style such as Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, or Yoga Nidra. Classes can be tailor-made for specific groups. All groups and ability levels are welcome

The journey of being a mother is beautiful and unique. These gentle yoga classes help strengthen your body & nourish your inner self., relieve lower back pain, and strengthen the pelvic floor. Natal yoga benefits both mum and baby, calming and simple techniques are used to guide parents through relaxation.

Prenatal Yoga 

Classes go for one hour, consisting of gentle easy poses, and include a longer savasana for a more calming and soothing feeling. Males are most welcome to join this class for supporting their partner, friend, or family member.

Yoga creates more awareness of your body and the changes which it goes through. During pregnancy, certain poses and mindfulness promote the connection between mum and baby. Starting with breathwork during a class, or “pranayama”, relaxes the body and mind and creates a deep breathing pattern.

Techniques used include, “three-part breath” or “Ujjayi breathing” and ‘breathe from the belly’. Guiding you to take longer and deeper breaths, expanding the diaphragm & ribcage more. This technique is similar to Lamaze breathing; conscious relaxation and controlled breathing for natural management of labour pain.

Bubs & Parents Yoga

These 45 to 60-minute classes are great for bonding between parents and their babies. After birth, it can be challenging for a mum to find time for health & wellness and socialise, so these classes are designed to provide both mum & baby time to deepen this bond and is a great way to meet other parents and it is fun for the babies when they see each other & interact. As we all know, treasured little ones can be unpredictable at times, so parents are encouraged to continue what they feel is best for their baby throughout the class. Settling, breastfeeding, and comforting to sleep are all encouraged. The class has soothing techniques for calming the parent and the baby. 

 This class consists of easy poses where the parent can support their baby in a comfortable way, as well as getting a gentle stretch and body work-out. The repetitive and smooth, gentle motions aid in gross and fine motor skills encourages sleep and digestion, and aids to relieve gas, colic, and constipation.

Some benefits for little ones include:

  • Increased body awareness
  • Reduces worry/anxiety & calms the mind
  • Improves strength & flexibility
  • Promotes self-awareness
  • Non-competitive environment 

From aged care and community centers to small in-home groups, these classes provide a gentle yoga and easy meditation program. Depending on the needs of the individual or the group, these classes range from very basic easy poses to simply sitting in a comfy chair and being guided through relaxation. Guided relaxation and meditation helps with calming the nervous system, memory, improving concentration, stress reduction, and improving the quality of sleep as well as the ease of falling asleep. It also boosts energy levels and promotes calmness. 

Group classes also help with improving current friendships and establishing new ones. Yoga develops self-confidence and self-esteem, increased capabilities to make adjustments, and greater independence.


This class is for a private or community events such as a birthday, charity, or celebration. These classes can be personalised and tailored to the requirements you have. You may choose a combination of the services or if there is something specific you would like to focus on, this is possible. If you need some advice or assistance, please get in touch.


Deaf yoga is taught using Auslan and visual cues. The poses help with flexibility, posture, and aches or muscle pain. These classes create a deeper level of inner-awareness and calmness.  

Deaf Yoga includes a gentle forehead massage at the end, although at the start of class it is always asked if someone would not prefer this. Encouraging adjustments are made unless otherwise preferred. During any savasana (when eyes are closed, lying down), a gentle touch on the shoulder indicates when to open the eyes. Some benefits include:

  • Can calm the severity of tinnitus
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy, and vitality
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • Cardio & circulatory health
  • Protection from injury