Viraam & Relax is born out of personal experience, love, and living in the moment. A qualified, experienced and amazing human being, Anna Parnell is the founder of Viraam & Relax. 

Helping you look after your body, mind and spirit

Viraam & Relax founder Anna Parnell

Yoga and meditation has taught me to live in the moment, to be more aware and awake in every moment of my life. Being fully engaged in whatever is happening around me and within me.

Anna Parnell

Founder, Viraam & Relax

About Viraam & Relax

Viraam & Relax is Brisbane’s mobile yoga and meditation service. As the main yoga instructor and founder of Viraam & Relax, I’m qualified and experienced in my teachings. I’m passionate about health and the well being of body, mind and spirit.

I offer yoga and meditation services to your door saving you time and transport costs. 

Viraam & Relax services cater to workplaces, education and community centres, groups and individuals. I can travel within a 20 km radius of Brisbane’s CBD. We also offer yoga and meditation outdoors or in a park near you.

Our techniques help soothe and calm the mind, body and spirit. We ensure that our classes are tailored for each individual or group, whether it’s a community class, an office team building exercise, for aged care residents or early childhood students.

With our world being so busy, it can be difficult to give time to ourselves, even simply being kind to ourselves has become a hard task. Being connected to our inner-selves and practising self-love improves the quality of our life and our relationships. Mindfulness positively impacts mental and physical health, and our techniques and practices can help you switch-off from everyday life and connect with your inner-self and awareness.

Viraam & Relax focuses on Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra as these allow an individual to focus more on themselves. Feedback from previous attendees has been that they feel reset and refreshed after a Yoga Nidra practice.

The why behind Viraam & Relax

Viraam & Relax was born out of my personal journey.

I first started practising yoga a decade ago, in 2009 to improve my back as at the time I had a disc lesion. Yoga became a key factor in my health improvement and that’s when I decided to learn yoga to become a teacher. I wanted to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with my family and friends. 

I began my yoga studies with Being Yoga in Maroochydore in 2013 where I learned the practice of Yoga Nidra and felt how calming it was for my body, mind and spirit. That’s when I realised there was so much more to yoga than just the poses and I developed a greater sense of inner-calmness and self-awareness.   

After I completed my first yoga certification, I taught at the Bodyroom and Time4Yoga at the Gold Coast. I also started teaching private classes in parks and in-home.

With sheer luck, in 2014 I met my now inspirational meditation teacher and dear friend Sangeeta Ma, from Gujrat, India. 

A recent trip to India in 2019 to do a meditation course and retreat introduced me to the benefits of relaxation and guided meditation. During the trip I studied and practised yoga at Vinyasa Yogashala in Rishikesh and furthered my knowledge in pranayama, hatha and meditation techniques.